Woodford Reserve Seasoned Oak Finish 70Cl Bottle

Woodford Reserve  Seasoned Oak Finish 70Cl Bottle
The fourth offering in the Woodford Reserve Master's Collection, Seasoned Oak Finish continues the series of one-time-only products that celebrate our historic distillery's legacy of craftsmanship and innovation. Colour: Rich mahogany. Aroma: Deep, complex and subtly sweet; hints of cinnamon, clove, rich caramel and pipe tobacco, with a nutty oak character. Taste: Full flavoured and robust oak with layers of anise, dark berries and cherry fruit, warming cinnamon and clove spice notes all swimming in a caramel nut sauce! Finish: Velvety and long with a hint of crisp dryness. 'Barrels play a critical role in producing bourbon, with approximately 70 percent of the spirit's flavour and aroma - and all of its colour - provided by the oak barrel. Woodford Reserve's new offering, seasoned Oak Finish, features bourbon finish-aged in unique barrels crafted with wood that has been seasoned longer than any previously used in the industry. As the rough oak staves are exposed to seasonal weather changes and subsequently dried, this natural cycle develops a new range of flavours in the wood. This seasoning progression changes the wood by reducing tannins and ultimately creates a new range of flavour compounds. The staves for most bourbon barrels are seasoned for three to five months; however, Seasoned Oak Finish combines fully-matured Woodford Reserve with barrels crafted from wood that has been exposed to the outdoors for three to five years - the longest seasoning known in the bourbon industry. Of all the distillers in our industry, we are the only bourbon company that crafts its own barrels, giving us unique knowledge and control of the process. By 'finish aging' Woodford Reserve in barrels that have been crafted from oak and seasoned for several years, we created a bourbon unlike any other in the industry. It's the most robust bourbon we have ever made.' Chris Morris Master Distiller, Woodford Reserve
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